Corporate Social Responsibility

Below we outline our three point Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

1. Colleagues and Customers

How we treat our staff is a fundamental approach to operating our business. Every single colleague throughout our company is included in the profit share scheme. This aligns their objectives with those of the shareholders and has proven an immensely powerful motivator. All founder members of the company have share options.

We also use our own acronym 'CAP'. This stands for Communication (we aim to do it often and well, with both our customers and colleagues), Appreciation (we want to thank you for your business, after all it could have gone elsewhere!) and Purpose (share our mission with our customers and colleagues through personal presentations, meetings at home and abroad).

Finally, we are committed to 'Investors in People'.

2. Suppliers

We promote ICTI (International Council of Toy Industries) to all the factories we work with. ICTI unify's the standards for factory auditing and provides guidelines that a non-ICTI certified factory can implement in order to raise their ethical and environmental standards. ICTI puts the health and safety of children at the forefront of their objectives. We also promote Sedex (the Suppliers Ethical Data Exchange) as the unifying industry standard database for factories that use the latest technology to enable companies to maintain and share ethical data on labour practices in the supply chain. We will often invest in a factory if we feel they need our help to attain ICTI standards.

Our factory, supplier and subcontractor manufacturing Code of Conduct (CoC) is based on International Labor Organisation principles, the Social Accountability International principles (SA8000), the United Nations Conventions and the UN Global Compact principles. All our retail customers can obtain copies of our comprehensive Code of Conduct charter on request.

3. Community and Consumers

We are continually looking at what we can give back; to the community in which we work and to the consumers who buy and use our products. This results in toys donated to various charitable organisations and schools and the association of our products with National Curriculum Key Stages - by way of educational leaflets within the gift boxes. Our founder and MD Richard North along with the board of directors have also chosen to put any available charitable donations into the following organisations for 2010, 2011 and 2012; Ely Garden Villagers and Headway Cardiff.