One of our Mantra’s is ‘don’t have the invented here syndrome’. For us a great idea is a great idea no matter where it comes from. Many of our toys are invented in-house, but some are invented on a mountain in Vermont or a University in Pittsburgh (those aren’t made up, promise). We love to work with inventors and bring their great ideas to life. We find inventors in various ways, some have come to us and some we have found ourselves, one inventor we even found on YouTube!

Over the years we’ve become known for this within the toy industry with the initial ideas coming from inventors and turning into some of our biggest selling lines. Many inventions aren’t ready to sell, which is where our product development team come in and turn the invention into a viable product that can be sold to the mass market.

Two of our founding members who also just happen to be qualified scientists, Dr Graeme Taylor and Kenny McAndrew invite inventors and factories to submit their new product concepts and samples to them for review.

Before submitting any products or concepts you must first write to us at the address below. Please ensure your letter includes answers to the following questions (please note an idea with no prototype or proof of concept is usually unlikely to be substantial enough for us to make a considered decision).

  1. The basic idea of the product and it's unique function/s
  2. The basic materials used in the manufacture
  3. Do you have any certifiable IPR (Copyright/patent/design registration/etc)?
  4. The target retail price you believe your product will sell for on the high street
  5. A photograph of the prototype
  6. Any other visuals/sketches/diagrams that explain or show the product
  7. Please state the category you feel your product best sits within; "toy", "gift", "gadget"
  8. Please state the most likely high street retailers you feel would be interested in your product

Due to the volume of requests we are unable to respond to everyone, but if we feel our brands can do justice to your product and believe it has the potential to sell in large volume we will contact you directly.

Kenny McAndrew, NPD Director
China Industries Ltd T/A WOW! Stuff
Creative Industries Centre
Wolverhampton Science Park
Wolverhampton, WV10 9TG

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