What's Your Big Idea?


I have a great idea I think you’ll love and may qualify for a reward!
What should I send? And what should I not send?

We are looking for cool ideas, which we like and with a little bit of Wow’s hard work, design magic and knowhow, we can turn into real products. If we think your idea has what it takes and select it, then you can collect a cash reward!

You should send a clear and short word description of the idea for the product. Include details that give some indication as to what it is that is cool, new and if it were to become real, would make you buy it. We’ll try to review all submissions as quickly as we can, but sadly not all ideas may make the grade. Please don’t be disappointed if we can’t see a way to make your idea work. Also remember that someone may have had the same idea and got in there before you!

If you have a REALLY original design, creative work, prototype or ready-made product that you want to discuss with us, then – WHOA! Just pause before you do anything! Rather than submit something that isn’t just an idea but may be complex original drawings, design files or anything similar, please contact us directly first. This is to avoid misunderstandings, conflicts with products that Wow may already be developing or ideas that others may have had.

Some stuff that you want to see developed by us may have rights (Intellectual Property rights) that you may want to protect. We don’t want to get us both into trouble by damaging those rights! We can help protect us both BEFORE we talk over any details by agreeing to a confidentiality arrangement so we can discuss things in a properly protected way.

The important stuff to remember is:

1) We want ideas that we can apply the Wow magic to and develop onwards ourselves. Send them in - we’ll check them out as above and see if we can make something happen!

2) If you have something that is already well developed and you want it to be protected before you share, then contact us first before sending anything.

3) Anything you send will not receive any reward or compensation unless it’s selected by us and makes it to production. This is at our absolute discretion, in which case we will notify you. We can’t guarantee to review everything but we will try our very best!

4) Email your ideas to innovation@wowstuff.com

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