Snot the Zombie - Blue

Bags of Character, Loaded with Fun

WOW PACKS are the first ever R/C animated backpacks that magically come to life right before your eyes. Thanks to the electronics inside, children can make their backpack buddy come alive with just the touch of a button. It’s simple. Each WOW PACK has a controller in its strap. By pressing different buttons, kids can have their backpack friend make funny expressions and sound effects to surprise their friends and family by bringing the pack to life.

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  • Snot the Zombieblows raspberries and even drips his snotty nose.

    And, if people get too close, they’re in for an even bigger surprise. Snot the Zombie will go crazy with excitement, as WOW PACKS have a built-in proximity sensor. Kids can take their backpack friends wherever they go, in the car, to families and friends and even on holiday. These packs are lightweight, splashproof, have comfortable shoulder straps, and a storage compartment for kids to bring along their favorite colouring books, toys, pyjamas and other things.

    WOW PACKS - The worlds first R/C animate back pack!

    Requires four AA batteries (not included). Exciting licensed characters to be introduced as well.

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