DC Batman Babbler

  • BABBLERS - Turn any contactless card into a talking card!
  • HEAR ICONIC PHRASES or sayings from Batman each time you use your contactless credit, debit, travel or office door card!
  • MINIMUM 6 Batman phrases and sayings 
  • BABBLERS - Comes complete with a lanyard for easy use
  • BABBLERS - For fans of character brands. Officially licensed product

Product Description

Hear iconic phrases, hilarious outbursts or famous sayings from your favourite characters when you tap your contactless credit or debit card to pay! Babblers Sonic-Card Holder works with credit and debit cards, but also office door pass cards, travel cards and any contactless cards. Babblers are the world’s first sonic card holder to utilise the RFID signal from your card to activate a built-in loudspeaker!  Batteries included.

6 Batman Sayings:

  • Gotham City needs me!
  • I'm Batman!
  • I am the night
  • To the Batmobile!
  • Crime is no laughing matter
  • Back to Arkham Asylum with you Joker


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