DC K-Blings Blind Bags

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The collectable that lives on your cable

  • PROTECTS CABLES. K-Blings protect and re-enforce the weakest area of your mobile phone charger cable, PC or Apple Mac charger cable to avoid the expense of having to replace them!
  • PERSONALISES YOUR CABLES. Family and friends will know which cables are yours! Top tip: at owners risk dab of super glue can permanently attach your K-Blings to always identify the cable as yours!
  • COLLECT ON YOUR CABLES. DC characters from the movies and TV in series 1 collection; Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Cheetah, Flash, Green Lantern, Aqua Man, Katana, Super Girl and Bat Girl
  • DC MOVIE and TV brand character K-Blings are an ideal gift for smart phone owners such as teens, tweens, kids and adults. Official DC merchandise authorised and licensed by Warner Bros.
  • K-BLINGS ARE NO. 1. K-Blings hold the largest range of official licensed brand cable collection and protection licenses in Europe and the USA. The perfect collectable for fans of brands.

K-Blings are the collectable that lives on your cable! Cool, compact, collectible, Chibi style characters and icons in your favourite brands. K-Blings clip neatly around your cable, protecting and re-enforcing the weakest area that often frays or becomes weak from repeated plugging/unplugging or yanking away from the port.


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