Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Collection

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  • Toy of the Year winner! The Invisibility Cloak has won the biggest award of them all at New York’s Toy of the Year 2020 awards (the TOTY’s) for innovation!
  • Invisibility Cloak: Imagine being invisible? Imagine no more This official Warner Bros. Invisibility Cloak deluxe version perfectly replicate’s the original cloak’s magical effects Wow Stuff app included.
  • The Elder Wand with realistic Lumos spell effects featuring the bonus light painting wand app included free. Recreate battling images, duelling spells or even draw a Patronus and save to your camera phone or tablet
  • The Resurrection Stone Ring with detailed gold metallic finish Suitable for display and movie accurate, the stone is set in the Gaunt Family ring.
  • Harry Potter Deathly Hallows gift set is Officially authorised and licensed by Warner Bros. and is the perfect Harry Potter toy or collector item suitable for kids, adults and Harry Potter fans of all ages.
  • First Edition Numbered Deathly Hallows set with movie accurate detailing includes a table top tripod which holds most smartphones for steady picture or video taking when using the Invisibility Cloak

Product Description

The Harry Potter Deathly Hallows set has been recreated for the very first time with each one numbered to recognize its status as the ‘first edition’.

Movie accurate detailing of the Cloak has been reproduced in reference to the original movie Prop.

The set includes the Elder wand with spell special effects Lumos light tip which when used in conjunction with the free Wow! Stuff light painting app, allows the user to create digital images of wand duels, battles or draw amazing pictures and save them to their smartphone or tablets’ video or camera roll.

The resurrection stone accompanying the set is neatly encased in the Gaunt family ring and resplendent in metallic gold effect finish.

The Deathly Hallows set is encased in a purpose designed and individually numbered gift box.

Safety Warning

Warning! Not Suitable for children 36 months. Choking Hazard. 


  • Invisibility Cloak with special effect lining, measures 55 inches (139.7cm) in length

  • Numbered First Edition Gift box for display

  • Wow! Stuff app – suitable for smartphones or tablets running iOS 11 and Android 5.0 and above

  • The Elder Wand with Lumos feature - includes 3 x 1.5V AG3/LR41 batteries

  • Wow! Stuff Light Painting app - Free (Suitable for iOS and Android)

  • The Resurrection Stone set in the Gaunt Family ring

Ages 6+

WARNING! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts. Choking hazard. Colour and contents may vary from those illustrated.

How to Play:

Set up and start using your cloak in less than 60 seconds! To use the Invisibility Cloak’s Invisible functionality you will need a smartphone or tablet with a camera function. Simply enter the unique authentication code into the free Wow! Stuff app when prompted and follow the on-screen instructions. Then get set to re-enact your favourite scenes from the films!

Wear or display your Resurrection Stone in the Gaunt family ring.

The most powerful wand in existence, The Elder wand! Features Lumos light tip. Use in conjunction with the Wow! Stuff light painting app; download the app and film or photograph yourself on your smartphone or Tablet using the wand in low or no light conditions. The images will be recorded and can be saved to your camera roll.

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