Harry Potter Wizarding World Bowtruckle Phone Stand

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  • Official merchandise authorised and Licensed by Warner Bros.

Product Description

The sprig-like Bowtruckle can be immensely difficult to spot in a natural environment as it is not only very small but also can easily blend into any foliage. It is a maximum of eight inches in height and appears to be made out of a tree stem with roots, tiny leafy branches and two brown eyes. Newt has at least six of these little beasts—named Pickett, Titus, Finn, Poppy, Marlow and Tom—though he can’t help but play favorites with Pickett, whom he keeps safe in his breast pocket. The Bowtruckle, which eats only insects, is a peaceable and intensely shy creature.

The Bowtruckle is a helpful little character whether he is standing on your desk with your phone at the ready, placed on a table so you can take a steady selfie or watch a movie, or simply just gripping and adorning your laptop or computer screen, this Bowtruckle is true to size and a useful companion.



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