Jurassic World - Power Flight Dino - The Pteranodon

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WOW! STUFF Jurassic World Power Flight Dino - The Pteranodon

  • EPIC FLYING DINOSAUR - Simply throw the Pteranodon Flying dinosaur and watch the Dinosaur fly high in the sky, re-enacting iconic scenes from the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World film franchise
  • 30 FLIGHTS PER CHARGE - Fast charge your Dinosaur for around 20 mins and watch it perform up to 30 powered flights as it flys high in the sky in concentric circles before coming back down to earth safely
  • IMPRESSIVE 60cm WING SPAN - With a fantastic 60CM (2ft) wing span amaze your friends and family as the Pteranadon soars high in the sky, flying in a concentric circular motion
  • ADJUSTABLE FLIGHT TIME - Press the power button to start the motor. Choose 1 of 3 flight modes. Press once for short flights, twice for mid height and 3 times for maximum soaring height! USB cable included for charging and no extra batteries requried!
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED - The Jurassic World Collection features unique toys and gifts inspired by the Jurassic World and Jurassic Park film franchises and the Netflix Camp Cretacious animated series that are authorised and licensed by Universal Pictures

Product Description

New innovation in flying toys from Wow! Stuff. This offically licensed Jurassic Pteranodon (pronounced Terranadon) is the iconic flying dinosaur featured in the Jurasssic movie franchise. Featuring a power flight module consistting of an enclosed propellor sited discreetly on the Dino's back, a simple throw to launch sends the Dino flyer soaring into the sky. Designed to fly in conentric circles, this Pteranodon Power Flight Dinosaur brings the iconic Jurassic Park franchise to life in an exciting, active play, fun way! USB powered cable included technology allows you to throw the dinosaur and watch the Pteranodon take flight, flying in large 3M circles as it looks for its prey. Have real fun playing and amazing your friends - as you re-create iconic scenes from the Jurassic Movies or the Camp Creatceous series. Part of the Wow! Stuff Jurassic Collection.

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