Popular Science Giant Springy

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  • GIANT SPRINGY – The giant sized, super springy version of the classic
  • BEST SELLING POPULAR SCIENCE – Coiled and perfectly stamped steel made 3x larger for 3x the fun
  • CAN IT STILL DO STAIRS? Yes, better than ever before! Drop it from the top and it will traverse most large size staircases
  • ALL AGES – Suitable for ages 5 to adult
  • SET UP & USE – Ready to play! Works straight out the box, no assembly necessary
  • THE SCIENCE – The Giant Springy teaches the science behind gravity and forces. See youtube.com for amazing stunts that people perform with Springy’s and their variants. You might not believe your eyes!

Product Description

The Popular Science Giant Springy is a simple and fun way to learn about gravity combined with inertia. Popular Science publication has been a leading source of science and technology since its inception in 1872. The Popular Science range of toys, gifts and gadgets are designed to promote learning in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) and include information with each product that relates how they work or what they do to the science around us and in our everyday lives.


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