Popular Science Mini Magnum Microscope

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  • Massive magnification in a tiny package. 20x-40x instant zoom feature!
  • BEST SELLING POPULAR SCIENCE – Mini-Magnum Microscope is part of the Popular Science optics range by Wow! Stuff
  • MASSIVE MAGNIFICATION – See the smallest detail on the smallest subjects. From a fly’s wing to a blade of grass the imagery is pin sharp and beautiful
  • ALL AGES – Suitable for ages 6 to adult
  • SET UP & USE – Works straight out the box! Specimen slides and tray included plus built-in light to perfectly illuminate any subject viewed
  • THE SCIENCE – Mini-Magnum Microscope helps you investigate and learn the structures and characteristics of the nature around you

Product Description

View small objects in detail with a brightness and clarity that even impresses scientists. This device can be used to investigate things too small for the naked eye. This is a great handy sized microscope for investigating the world around us. 

Comes complete with 4 sample slides for you to begin with.


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