Popular Science Snowman Putty

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  • SCIENCE PUTTY – Bounce it, stretch it, snap it or melt it!
  • BEST SELLING POPULAR SCIENCE – Science Putty is made of a unique formula that changes its viscosity as the temperature changes. The warmer it is, the more it melts!
  • HOW DOES IT SNAP? The cooler the temperature the more rigid it becomes. Try stretching it quickly and watch it cleanly snap.
  • ALL AGES – Suitable for ages 6 to adult
  • SET UP & USE – Ready to play! Straight out the tin and complete with Snowman decorative parts. Build your snowman and watch it melt and morph like the real thing
  • THE SCIENCE – Science Putty includes information that relates to the science of physics; elasticity and temperature

Product Description

The Popular Science, Science Putty is a beautifully addictive stress reliever; mould it, shape it, stretch it – even roll it into a ball and bounce it! Popular Science publication has been a leading source of science and technology since its inception in 1872. The Popular Science range of toys, gifts and gadgets are designed to promote learning in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) and include information with each product that relates how they work or what they do to the science around us and in our everyday lives.


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