Popular Science The Impossible Balancer

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  • THE IMPOSSIBLE BALANCER – Challenge friends and family to stand this metal dome on its upright post, without it falling over. It will seem impossible…
  • BEST SELLING POPULAR SCIENCE – The secret is contained within the box with easy to follow instructions
  • TAKE ANYWHERE – Challenge anyone, anywhere to stand it upright. Use on any flat surface and only you will know how to achieve the seemingly impossible!
  • ALL AGES – Suitable for ages 6 to adult
  • SET UP & USE – Ready to play! Works straight out the box, no assembly necessary
  • THE SCIENCE – The Impossible Balancer teaches the science behind forces and inertia

Product Description

The Popular Science Impossible Balancer is a simple and fun way to learn about forces and inertia. Popular Science publication has been a leading source of science and technology since its inception in 1872. The Popular Science range of toys, gifts and gadgets are designed to promote learning in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) and include information with each product that relates how they work or what they do to the science around us and in our everyday lives.


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