What we want to do

Toys are as old as the hills*. For time immemorial we’ve played and we’ve learnt through play. But times have changed, evolved. We don’t believe play is outdated but we do believe it needs updating. We and perhaps 90% or more of todays toy companies make their products from stuff that’s just not good for the planet. Factories aren’t able to replace their manufacturing processes overnight but change we must, it's just how fast. So we are working on this and we aim to launch more toys shortly that can be the start of that change.

*We don’t know exactly how old the hills are either but our Finance Director says that some are probably thousands of years old. He's an accountant, so we believe him

Businesses we love

If we were an ice cream company we'd love to be Ben and Jerrys

If we were a drinks company we'd love to be Innocent drinks

If we were a food company we'd love to be Sweetgreen

If we were a toy company we'd love to be this one!