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Launched at the end of 2019, Wow! Stuff’s K-Blings – billed as 'the collectable that lives on your cable' – was only available from distributor Tobar and retailer Tesco. Nonetheless, the brand proved a sell-out success.

Sold in blind bags and five-packs with one mystery blind, K-Blings are mini Chibi stylised characters that wrap around the weakest area of a cable and protect the point they are most likely to fray or break. Collections can fill the length of a cable and turn any cable into a 'cable bracelet’ holding all your favourite brands. Tik Tok’ers are already personalising their cables with K-Blings and adding a dab of super glue to ensure anyone and everyone can see the brands they love and that the cable is theirs, thereby reducing ‘misunderstandings’! 

Speaking of the brand’s success, Wow! Stuff’s commercial director, Dawn Lavalette, said: “K-Blings took us by surprise. They both sold out very quickly with a super rate of sale.  

“As a collectable with a practical purpose, they protect and personalise your cables. It was a gamble for us – innovation often is. The collectables space is crowded but K-Blings are so different to anything else and while the target consumer is heartland boys and girls aged five to 12, we’re getting demand from tweens, teens and adults. In fact anyone with a phone, computer, headphones or shoelaces can collect and ‘wear’ their favourite character brand.” 

Selling out in the Harry Potter brand in November 2019, from August 2020 more tier one brands will launch including Marvel, Disney, Pixar, DC and more.  

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