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Who was mischievous at the Licensing Awards?

While Wow! Stuff celebrated their Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak win at the Licensing Awards in the Innovation category, not everything was as it seemed. According to a source closely related to Wow! Stuff, certain guests enjoyed the Licensing Awards rather more than others. Richard North, CEO of Wow! Stuff said, “It wasn't our fault. Sure, we noticed a spike in sales of the Invisibility Cloaks the day before the awards, but I’ve always said to friends in the industry that they should not purchase cloaks to be used for shenanigans of any kind”.

Ian Hyder, co-CEO of the awards commented, “We pride ourselves in ensuring the night is a huge success and everyone has a great time. However, we didn’t anticipate people would be using the cloaks to make mischief or to try their chances at getting more than one of the free sacks at the end of the night. We realised something was amiss around midnight as we saw two of the sacks floating towards the exit, but luckily we caught the mischievous guests in their tracks. Mischief managed!’