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“Radical collectible” for fans of character brands…

Toy innovation company Wow! Stuff today announces the launch of the hottest and most ‘radical’ new collectible for young fans of character brands. Called WOW! PODS, Wow! Stuff’s founder and CEO, Richard North says, “WOW! PODS are unlike any other collectible in the toy market.

“They have a radically different play pattern to the traditional waves of collectibles that kids collect but then tire of in time. WOW! PODS feature a unique ‘Swipe to Light!’ function which reveals a mystery image either on the character or on the inside of its POD. They also incorporate a smart interlocking system that allows you to construct incredible displays". USA industry expert and trend spotter Steve Starobinsky posted to his social media report (on LinkedIn) at this month’s Hong Kong trade previews ‘the collectible where you “Play and then REALLY display”.

North continued, “WOW! PODS are targeted for children and tweens between 5 and 15 who are fans of character brands from the media they follow and the characters they love. Whether it’s a Netflix series, or a major Hollywood franchise brand there will be a WOW! POD with a mystery light reveal that you can collect and connect, then display in your individual way. At around £10.00 at retail they represent great value for today’s sometimes stretched consumers.”

Wow! Stuff will have their full range of new innovative toys for 2020 launching at London and Nuremberg and then in February at New York Toy Fair, Level 1, stand 6647 with an all new trade exhibition stand showcasing its manufactured products across tier 1 brands from Disney, Marvel, Universal, Warner Bros. eOne, Science Museum, Mensa and more. To book a meeting email: [email protected]