Wow! Stuff’s standout collectible brand, Wow! Pods, has again pulled off an impressive sales performance after launching two years ago. 

Wow! Pods, dubbed ‘the collectible for fans of character brands’ by its innovative maker Wow! Stuff, has announced a near perfect clean sweep in all measures used by Amazon UK to denote sales and other consumer demand metrics.

From BSR (Best Seller Ranking) at No. 1 in both key collector categories to ‘Most wished for’ and ‘Most gifted’, Wow! Stuff CEO Richard North is delighted that Wow! Pods currently tops the Amazon charts. The rankings as of 2nd November were:

Master category: Games & Toys

  • No. 1 Best-seller In Bobblehead Characters
  • No. 1 Best-seller in Play Action Figures
  • No. 1 Most Gifted item on Amazon’s Top 100 in category
  • No. 1 Most Wished for item on Amazon’s Top 100 in category

Richard says: “This proves that Wow! Pods have staying power. Wow! Pods have now been in the market for nearly two years and have risen in sales every month, holding the top spots on Amazon for six months straight with very little expenditure on marketing. The continual rise in sales and fan reviews tells us that when kids and kidults start buying, them they aren’t stopping. They love them. That’s the real test of a collectible; are they being bought as a one-time purchase or collected as a range? For Wow! Pods, it’s clearly the latter – the brand can grow exponentially as we add on more Tier 1 brands and expand globally.”


TOY WORLD 5th November 2021