The countdown is on to the Real FX Disney Stitch First Edition being unleashed on June 26th, which will include a Stitch certificate that verifies it as first off the production line.


Wow! Stuff has announced that pre-orders will shortly open for one of the most hotly anticipated toys of 2024. Real FX, the Disney Stitch First Edition will be in the hands of fans for the first time on June 26th.

Designed and developed in-house, over several years, by the engineers and scientists at Wow! Stuff, Real FX new Disney Stitch was first teased at international toy fairs and received a phenomenal reception (not least from the Toy World team). Now, the company reports that many major retailers around the world are already calling it their 2024 toy of the year.

A high-tech animatronic puppet, Real FX Stitch will be launched in limited numbers as a First Edition on 26th June 2024, to commemorate International Stitch day. The First Edition will include a Stitch certificate that verifies it as an official first model off the production line.


Real FX Stitch is truly distinctive. Fans can commandeer the authentic animatronic Stitch toy using the hand-insert controls to generate over 100 incredible action and sound combinations. Real FX Stitch has been designed to captivate onlookers with his cute blinking eyes, mechanically controlled rising and drooping ears, mischievous smile and wonderful dialect spoken in his alien native tongue of Tantalog – a combination of Hawaiian, Chinese and Chezcreekian.


Real FX Stitch even features touch-sensitive sound activations: stroking his blue fur will elicit infamous phrases in Stitch’s native tongue of Tantalog. His owner can hear him excitedly respond when they stroke his head, purr softly as he warms to their cuddles, or play-bite those who dare touch his tongue. Ultimately, Real FX Stitch always retains his soft and cuddly side, proving to be a best friend ready to sniff or snooze on request.

The pre-order list is expected to open on 1st June in the UK and Europe at leading retailers, where fans pre-ordering will secure their First Edition model for delivery on 26th June or soonest thereafter. Pre-orders will take precedent and be on a first come first served basis, and more stock is expected later in 2024.

For availability please contact [email protected] (North America) or [email protected] (Rest of World).

Wow! Stuff’s stated mission is ‘to work until our brains hurt to deliver toys and pop-culture products that are really innovative, on brand, in universe, always!’. The team has won multiple awards and global recognition for its unique tech-toys and world first inventions, is a five times TOTY (Toy Of The Year) award nominee and a winner of the Toy of The Year Innovation award.

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TOYWORLD 16th April 2024