Flybar will distribute Hypr rockets across North America via the partnership, designed to extend Wow! Stuff innovation to an international audience.

Wow! Stuff has struck a deal with Flybar Inc. for North American distribution of its Hypr brand air-powered rockets. ‘Higher, faster, further, better’ is the Hypr promise and Wow! Stuff’s unique, multi-patented take on the classic toy rocket features a Turbo mode, promising to always outperform comparable outdoor rockets.

Hypr Rockets, the first in a series of Hypr branded outdoor toys, are kid-safe, soft-tipped rockets which fly higher, further or faster than any other toy rockets. First in the collection is the Hypr Rocket 500, which launched in the UK in March and flies up to an incredible 500 feet high – making it the fastest, farthest flying toy rocket in its category. Like all Hypr Rockets, it is launched by stomping on the included air pad, and features a patented switch system so the user can choose Backyard mode or Turbo mode for the park or wide, open spaces. There’s also a Rocket Expansion Platform so players can connect their rockets for mass, multi-player flight and height competitions.

The Hypr 500 will be available in the US through Flybar from the summer, and the next release for the brand: Duelling Hypr, will be ready for take-off both in the UK and internationally in early 2024.

As one of the oldest toy companies in the US, Flybar is proud to uphold the innovative spirit and values started over a century ago. Since George Hansburg invented the pogo stick in 1918, Flybar has continued to innovate and develop world class products engineered for family fun. One hundred years later, it has ventured into new categories of play.

“We love working with exciting and ambitious toy companies that strive to give their customers better features and better  value,” commented Richard North, president, Wow! Stuff. “Saul and the Flybar team are detailed operators that are winning in outdoor toys. They are the ideal partner for the Hypr Rockets range.”

This collaboration is just the latest of a number of high-profile international partnerships that Wow! Stuff has announced in recent months. “It’s a direction that is working really well for us and will take our innovation to a vast international audience,” added Richard.

Saul Wolhendler, CEO of Flybar, said: “We’ve really enjoyed working with the Wow! Stuff team to ensure our North American customer base gets access to what is without a doubt the finest air-powered toy rocket in its class. The innovation that Wow! Stuff brings to the category is significant, the quality of the product is superb and the pricing is mass market. With our knowledge and expertise in outdoor toys, the fit for both companies is perfect. We look forward to making Hypr the leader in this category.”

The Hypr 500 will be available in North America this summer but is already making waves in the UK. To find out more, contact [email protected] for UK and [email protected] for EMEA.


ToyWorld 9th May 2023