Even more licences and a slashed RRP are setting Wow! Stuff’s Nano Pods collection up for a strong 2024, as consumer spending remains squeezed.  

Wow! Stuff has announced the launch of an even bigger line up of its Nano Pod kids and kidult ‘connectable collectibles’ along with a dramatically reduced new RRP of just £2.99.

Wow! Stuff’s general sales manager, Tony White, commented: “Our ‘connectable collectable’, Nano Pods feature a broader range of fan favourite superheroes and iconic character brands than ever before. As volume goes up, our pricing has come down. Many foil bagged collectibles are typically around the £5.00/$5.00 retail price point and vying for shelf space in a crowded market. We’ve created a really beautiful new foil bag blind pack and a new CDU dispenser that holds 24 pieces. At just £2.99, they’re nearly half what the 2023 typical retail prices were and will grow our share of the licensed character figure collectibles category.”

Each hexagonal Nano Pod contains a miniature character figure and features a satisfyingly tactile slot-together display pod. As consumers collect top tier brands including Marvel, Disney, Wizarding World, TMNT and Wednesday, they simply connect each character together to build any pattern they like: they can write their own name in Nanos or the name of their favourite characters, or build the outline of a figure and display it on their wall or shelf. Tony adds: “No longer will kids’ and kidults’ collectible toys have to gather dust in drawers.”


TOYWORLD 11th March 2024