Wow! Stuff unveils new Harry Potter line-up

Wow! Stuff is launching a number of new additions and updates to its Harry Potter collection of toys and gifts this year.

Officially licensed by Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, the collection is aimed at kids, adult fans and collectors.

Headlining the collection are the Lumos wands, made from resin for realism and incorporating Wow! Stuff’s eponymous app technology. This year, all new and existing Lumos wands will work with the free and newly updated Wow! Stuff Light Painting bonus app for day and night light painting features.

Wow! Stuff’s head of Technology, Dr. Graeme Taylor, said: “We wanted to create a new way of being able to draw a line or shape, by recognising the location of an LED wand tip – and to be able to do this in daylight as well as in low light. The Lumos wands now work seamlessly to map the user’s wand movements in real time, and overlay the detected path with a digital pen or brush effect. The advantages of this, particularly for the younger user, is that the camera does not need to be kept still and even in daylight it will produce fabulous and magical results. Additionally, for the Harry Potter section of the Wow! Stuff Light Painting app, templates include the official symbols for various spells, as well as templates of various Patronuses.”

Wow! Stuff also developed the Wow! Stuff Invisibility app which now includes updates and new features for the TOTY (Toy Of The Year) winning Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak, a No. 1 best-seller across all Toys & Games on Amazon at launch in 2020 and now an evergreen staple and much loved fan and collector piece. Users choose an official backdrop scene from the Harry Potter movies by pressing record on their phones and draping themselves in the infamous Invisibility Cloak.

Joining Wow! Stuff’s current range, which covers SRP price points from £4.99 to £49.99, are heat reveal mugs, bag tags and notebooks which are re-recordable. There is also the Howler Card; Marauders Map, with hidden secrets revealed by the UV wand; Mini and Mystery Lumos wands and upgrades to the magical Mystery Flying Stitch, which never fails to surprise and delight onlookers as it appears to fly around their body unaided by human touch.

For availability, contact [email protected] for UK, and [email protected] for Europe and ANZ.

Toy World Published on: 24th April 2024