Harry Potter Real FX Wand - Hermione Granger

  • LEARN SPELLS! - Pronounce the spell correctly and activate the bright LED Lumos tip in the colour that matches the spell. Now cast your wand with a swish and flick to activate sounds to complete your spell!
  • REAL FX TECHNOLOGY - Hear encouragement from the professor as you learn each spell and become a qualified wizard! Challenge yourself or family and friends to master key spells like 'Stupefy", "Exepelliarmus", "Slugulus eructo", "Accio" and more! 
  • 3 MODES OF PLAY - Mode 1 uses built-in mic and speaker technology to teach you the correct spell pronunciation. Choose Mode 2 to defend yourself against the dark arts by learning the counter spells! Mode 3 is free play for accomplished wizards!
  • CONTENTS - Beautifully presented in a giftable Harry Potter box with a charms booklet that explains the spells, their effects and helps with pronunciation. Re-chargeable battery with USB included for hours of play!
  • OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE - Wizarding World Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts themed merch and prop memorabilia officially authorised and licensed by Warner Bros. A Harry Potter version of this wand is sold separately. Be a wizard on World Book Day or cast Spells at Halloween!

Product Description

WOW! STUFF presents an officially licensed Wizarding World Harry Potter wand featuring REAL FX Technology. A hidden on/off button on the wand handle allows you to choose any of the 3 modes at any time. A super-bright Lumos LED light-up tip activates along with the sound of the specific spell directly from the movie - but only when you have pronounced the spell correctly and added a swish and flick! Hold down the secret REAL FX button on the handle each time you are ready to say the spell.  REAL FX technology allows for voice recognition of 14 spells for you to learn and master on your path to becoming a real witch or wizard! And the cast is of most importance! The swish or flick will further complete the spell's correct sound effects! 3 Modes of play allow you to graduate towards becoming an accomplished Witch or Wizard. Mode 1 - simply repeat the spells that are announced from the wand and perfect your pronunciation. Each correct pronunciation will be recognised by the wand and you will graduate to the next spell. Mode 2 - have great fun learning and casting counter spells to the one's announced by the wand! Defend yourself, family or friends, just like a character from the Harry Potter books and movie franchise. Mode 3 - Free play! Now you are an accomplished witch or wizard you can roam around casting spells and creating magic! The voice detector within the wand even differentiates between regional accents and tones! There are 2 Real FX Spell Master wands in the collection, Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. The Real FX wands make the perfect gift for all Harry Potter fans, enthusiasts and collectors. The wand comes with a USB charger to ensure that you are ready to cast spells at a moments notice, and each charge lasts for hundreds of spell casts.

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