Marvel - Science Putty

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  • PUTTY WITH SUPER POWERS! - Iron Man putty changes colour with heat from your hands, Black Panther's features UV light reaction! Captain America putty bounces just like the vibranium steel from his shield! Hulk putty has gamma glow in the dark!
  • STORAGE TUB - Keep your 30g of MARVEL Science Putty safe in the plastic gift tub. Each tub comes with a mini guide that explains the science behind the putty and its correlation with the specific Avengers Superhero
  • 4 TO COLLECT! - Mold and mash them together! Available in Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man and Black Panther. Fan favourite characters from the Avengers
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED - MARVEL Science Putty's are officially licensed merchandise by MARVEL Consumer Products. © 2023 MARVEL

Product Description

MARVEL Science Putty is for fans of MARVEL and the Avengers superheroes! Not just for kids, suitable for girls, boys and adults alike who like to squish, nead, stretch, snap, and generally de-stress with the finest flexible putty around! The MARVEL Universe has never been short on genius. From the smart, intelligent storytelling of the comics and movies to the colossal intellects of the characters that inhabit the “World Outside Your Window”. In the R&D departments of tech giants such as Stark Industries or A.I.M. and the science labs of the Baxter Building and the Midtown School of Science and Technology, the world’s smartest heroes have been thwarting threats and concocting gadgets for decades. The notion that brains as well as brawn are needed to save the day has always been inspiring, and for the legion of smart, young and creative MARVEL fans, there is no better way to celebrate their fandom than to build and develop their own in universe creations through the power of STEAM. Create, learn and develop with MARVEL Science Putty! Each MARVEL Science Putty tub relates to the super power of that Avenger Superhero; from Hulk Gamma glow in the dark putty, Captain America's Vibranium bouncing putty to Iron Man heat change and Black Panther UV light reaction! © 2023 MARVEL


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