HYPR - Duelling HYPR Rockets 500

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  • HYPR PERFORMANCE - Fly Higher, Faster, Further! Reach new incredible heights with HYPR Rocket, higher than the tallest buildings, up to a jawdropping 500 ft! Get outdoors and active with HYPR, the farthest flying rockets! 
  • NO. 1 FOR HEIGHT - Only HYPR Rocket has the patent Turbo Switch Mode for the highest flights. Normal Mode is like regular stomp type rockets, perfect for smaller areas such as the backyard or garden
  • NOT JUST FOR KIDS - Usually the heaviest person stomping on the Blast pad will fly the highest. Not with HYPR! Kids can choose Turbo mode while the adults use Normal Mode. Game on!
  • SET UP IN JUST 30 SECONDS - With durable and highest-quality materials HYPR is ultra fast to set up and play, and needs no batteries! Enjoy hours of HYPR Rocket fun with friends and family in the garden or park 
  • ONLY HYPR CONNECTS! - This Duelling 500 model comes with 2 Patented Expansion Platforms and 4 rockets in 2 colours so you can see who has flown higher, faster or further! Unlimited rocket expansions!
  • 100% WOW GUARANTEE - WOW! STUFF builds toys and gifts with a WOW! factor. As well as your standard Amazon 30 day refund policy our details are on every box so please get in touch if we’ve let you down and we’ll put it right!

Product Description

Only with HYPR Rocket can you fly higher, faster, further! 3 years in development has produced the Patent Pending Turbo Switch, making HYPR the fastest, furthest, highest flying stomp style rocket on the market! Select Turbo Mode to effect a tighter seal between the rocket and its launch tube. This perfect seal enhances the air pressure and powers your rocket up to 50% further than even the best of the competing rockets in the category. Kids want height from their rockets and HYPR delivers! Challenge your friends and family to see who can fly the highest. For the first time kids can compete with adults too! Choose Turbo Mode while Dad uses Normal Mode and lets see if he can fly as high as you? Patent Exapansion Platform means you can attach your friends HYPR rockets for massive multi-player competitions. 2, 3, 4 or more rockets can be added in seconds. Or choose the HYPR 500 Duelling Rocket which includes 2 platforms and 4 rockets (2 each). No batteries required, assembles in less than 30 seconds! Choose HYPR for HYPR Performance!

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