HYPR Rockets Refill Pack

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  • 3 DURABLE ROCKETS - 'This 3 pack refill is for use with the HYPR Rocket. Only HYPR features DURAFIN which is a strengthened fin system for longer lasting play when compared to other toy rockets!
  • NO. 1 FOR HEIGHT - Only the HYPR Rocket toy has the patent Turbo Switch Mode for the highest flights. Each refill rocket has a label that shows how to best activate the Turbo mode. See the HYPR Rocket product full listing for more details
  • NOT JUST FOR KIDS - Usually the heaviest person stomping on the Blast pad will fly the highest. Not with HYPR! Kids can choose Turbo mode while the adults use Normal Mode. Game on! See HYPR Rocket product for more details
  • GET OUTDOORS AND ACTIVE! - 'These HYPR Rockets replacement 3 pack Fly Higher, Faster, Further! Get outdoors and active with family, friends and HYPR in the garden, backyard or park
  • ONLY HYPR CONNECTS! - Only the HYPR Rocket toy features a Patent Expansion Platform system. Connect to your friend’s HYPR Rockets for massive multi player fun. Connect 2, 3, 4 or more rockets in seconds! 

Product Description

3 Pack refill for HYPR Rocket. The most durable toy rockets for boys and girls available in the market! Only HYPR Rockets feature DURAFIN for the highest quality, longest lasting fins on toy rockets today! Most toy rockets are made from foam that is soft but does not fly far, or plastic and prone to breaking. Not with HYPR! HYPR Rockets are built to higher standards for optimum flights and the highest flying performance of any rocket in its category. Each rocket is carefully labelled to show how to place your rocket on the launcher and to best activate the Turbo mode, a feature unique to HYPR. Kids want height from their rockets and HYPR delivers! Challenge your friends and family to see who can fly the highest. Choose HYPR for HYPR Performance! HYPR Rocket platform not included, see HYPR Rocket toy for full product details.

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