CoComelon - Sleep Trainer

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  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN! - 'Proven to help you both sleep or rest better and awake fresher! Moon light and image of JJ in his pyjamas reassures your little one at night. Moon changes to the sun in the morning signalling it's Okay for your little one to get up and out of bed!
  • PLAYS LULLABYS - The Sleep Trainer plays a lullaby that helps your child know its time for bed. One press Fast Start system is all you need to start your little one's routine. Choose 1 or 2 plays of the Lullaby. A good nights sleep helps you both energise for the day ahead
  • REASSURING NIGHT LIGHT - The moon glows reassuringly at night alongside JJ in his pyjamas on the colourful screen. The soft light is set at a predetermined level proven to reassure children at night aiding rest and sleep.
  • No. 1 CHILDRENS BRANDS - Lullaby Labs create products parents can trust in the leading brands children love. Official CoComelon licensed merchandise from Moonbug Entertainment
  • STIMULATES CHILD DEVELOPMENT - Designed by scientists at Lullaby Labs and approved by Child Development and Educational Specialist Dr. Amanda Gummer. Adjustable sound and brightness levels and USB provided for simple working

 The Cocomelon Sleep Trainer aids your little one to have a good nights sleep and most importantly helps your child understand when it's ready to rise and time to get out of bed. This ensures you also get a good nights sleep and awaking fresher and energised for the day ahead! The Sleep Trainer has an easy to set digital clock that allows you to set the time you would like your child to get our of bed in the morning. Once you're ready for the little one to have a good nights sleep simply press the button on the top of the Sleep Trainer, this will then allow a short lullaby to play signalling to your little one that it's time for bed (optional music setting/no music setting). The Sleep trainer also has a setting to allow you to repeat the lullaby from Cocomelon, their favourite childrens programme featured on Netflix and YouTube. Once the music starts to let your child know it's time for bed the night light comes on and JJ in his pyjamas will magically appear next to a moon with a soft glow. When its time for your child to wake up the light will turn off, the moon will disappear and the sun will be visible next to JJ in his daytime clothes. The Sleep Trainer encourages a great nights sleep for children and thus a great nights sleep for you! 

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